Cheryl Baker Interview in
BOYZ Magazine (July 2004)

Cheryl Baker So you’re in a hotel, are you watching saucy movies?
No, I much prefer the tennis!

I thought you were rock ‘n’ roll!
I never watched naughty movies even when I was rock ‘n’ roll.

So, Bucks Fizz are back together then?
Yes for the Here And Now Tour. The four of us have never been able to get ourselves together, but this year it’s happened.

Are you getting your skirt ripped off again?
I’m not telling you! Wait and see.

Is it the original four?
It’s not Jay, It’s Shelley.

What’s happened to Jay?
I don’t know, cause I don’t speak to her! I never did! Don’t read anything into it, it’s just that the day she left was the last I ever saw of her.

Were you not mates?
No, not al all! If you work well with someone then that’s fine, it’s just that when she left there was no reason to keep in touch cause we had nothing in common. For my part it was nicer working with Shelley cause she was a nicer girl.

David van Day was in Bucks Fizz for a while wasn’t he?
Long after the good old days. In the sad old days really, and then he had the audacity to take his own Bucks Fizz band; he calls it the David Van Day Bucks Fizz Show.

Was it drugs and sex in Bucks Fizz?
Not for me. It was going on, but I wasn’t aware of it. They used to keep these things away from me.

Did you ever do groupies?
Oh shut up! You’re talking to me now! I’m a good girl!! I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m happily married, I don’t do drugs. I have fun though!

Is it true that you’re going into Eastenders?
No. I’ve been up to Eastenders and they have auditioned me a couple of times, but they haven’t offered me a part at all. I’d love to do it. 

BOYZ Magazine (For Gay Adults Only) - Issue #675 Saturday 10th July

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